Simple and Effective

You tell us how you’d like to improve your health and well being, and then just lay down and we’ll take it from there. Evidence based approaches that work and last as long as you need to find your zen.

$45 Per Treatment

We believe in affordable treatments so you can come as frequently as you need or want. Student at Penn, Drexel, Temple, etc? It’s $35 for you so no need to use mom’s Amex.

Semi-Private Serenity

It’s an amazing experience to be in a big room where everyone is finding their zen together, but we thought a little privacy would help everyone get there fast. The Shoji screen is a beautiful thing.

Be More You

The beauty of Acupuncture is it can make your body respond less to outside stressors. So you can freak out all you want, we’ll make your body respond like it went to charm school.

Take time to find you. Ready?